Brett-Heidi-ProfileBrett Heidi

Brett Heidi grew up in the Calgary to Olds area of Alberta. She started painting at as child and experienced both city and rural life in a family who was thoroughly involved in art, “I have always had a passion for the use of colour in reflecting light. It is especially exciting to complete a project that emphasizes my own appreciation for the subject.”

In her 20’s Brett had the opportunity to live in Mazatlan, Mexico and while living there, married her husband, and had the opportunity to be immersed in local culture as well as discover parts of central Mexico. They now live in Olds, Alberta where she continues painting and reaching out for new adventures.

Brett Heidi has experience with painting in oil and watercolour but recently prefers acrylic. Since 2001 she has accepted commissions to sketch portraits of people and animals. Her art is among collections in Canada, United States, Mexico, and South Africa.

Art is like music, but to the eye, life’s beautiful things put onto canvas tell a story and affect our emotions

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