Hummingbird – Morning Glory Panel 2016

This hummingbird panel measures approximately 7.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches high not including the outside zinc frame.

It was commissioned this fall by a local client who is sending it to Clare, Nova Scotia as a Christmas present for her mother in law who loves hummingbirds and morning glories.

The background glass is clear single glue chip. For the wing feathers we used an iridescent grey Spectrum Glass. For the leaves a beautiful green Uroboros and for the morning glories a cranberry white Bullseye, Youghiogheny Heads & Tails for the blues and a Kokomo for the purple one.


Design by Flory Wilkins

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Lady Art Deco Panel Restoration

A client from Calgary had this beautiful large lady came panel which had fallen and the sky glass was broken. In addition the soft came edging was coming apart and the whole panel needed to be restored along with new sky glass. The panel measured approximately 25 inches wide x 33 inches high.


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Mini Angels Lapel/Fridge Magnets December 2016

We have a client who wanted mini angels that could be used as a lapel pin and also end up being used as a refrigerator decorative magnet. We were successful in obtain a rare earth, 2 magnet combination that worked perfectly. We had to slightly enlarge our mini angel design to accommodate the magnetic strip. These mini angels were given away as gifts.

The first photo shows the complete collection on our refrigerator door.


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We just found these suncatcher pictures of penguins that we made many years ago. The first one measured about 3 inches wide by 6 inches high. Enjoy


Design by Carolyn Kyle

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Just a Sip

When we first started to learn the art of stained glass we made this Just a Sip Hummingbird Panel back in 2000. The circular panel is approximately 10 inches in diameter, with an outer ring of clear glue chip glass. The blue background is a light blue Spectrum Artique #132A. We used a soft brass flexible U channel for the outside, with the channel and the solder lines all with black patina and polished using Clarity (Kemo-Pro) finishing polish. The design is one of the free design patterns offered by The Spectrum Glass Company.


Design by Luanne Kane-Lead Lines S.G. Studio-Dunedin, FL

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Alberta Skies #4

Have you ever seen the sky and thought, “Is this real?”… Something like that happened in November last year. The reflection of the colours on the fence of our backyard was so intense I had to go out and see what was happening. A canopy of intense colours covered the sky and I did what many did that day: took a photo (You gotta love the day we live in) After posting it on social media I continued to contemplate and Alberta Skies #4 is my take on it.

What I love the most about it is that the words “The heavens declare the Glory of God…” had been in my mind the whole day… May you get to enjoy the random, rare, phenomenal views we are given to enjoy and cause owe in us.

Look up!

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Alberta Skies #3

Now this is not a pastel tone at all… and it’s a different palette than the one I am used to.
Why the change? Because “the Sky made me do it” … literally! 
This series is great for me because truly there are many variables in everything: the colours, the tones, the light, the mood, the lines, the shadows, the vibrancy of hues, the feeling that they evoke. The great thing about this, is that this time I didn’t get to overthink it, I only painted according to the photo I recently took and tried my best to remember the feelings of peace and awe that it inspired in me. Not sure if those are the feelings this will evoke in you, but one thing I know, I hope you are moved to go outside and stop missing out the moments you can create with your loved ones as you share a sunset or two together. Perhaps this can also be one of your new habits that your loved ones will cherish the most when they think of you.

Feel free to comment below your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!

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