My Fedora

Although “MyFedora” is not for sale (It’s MINE !!!) I would happily make one for you in your choice of colours and  size.  This can take up to a week, weather permitting  (snow storm season is due any minute and the woolen mill that I use is out on the wilds of the Alberta Prairies.)   I do have several colours of wool on hand, as well.  This is my own design, obtained by working from a very basic cloche style and building on the features that I wanted.  Each is unique, as the different colours of wool actually do behave differently in the working and shaping that is required.  It is like Christmas Morning, every time !


At least the cats have learned to (mostly) just watch while I work with the wool, which they go positively ga-ga over if they start pawing and digging in it;  the peacock feathers are a different matter entirely.  I had parked “MyFedora” on the top of a high book shelf near the front door, thinking that they wouldn’t even know it was there.  Strange rumblings and thuds brought me on the run, to find the best-behaved cat happily perched on that high shelf, ready to help herself to my feather.  Back to the top of the fridge for my hat.  I don’t need more fridge space–I need more top.

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Eagles – January 2017

Our Central Alberta clients who originally commissioned these right & left facing eagles, intended on hanging them in their West Country retreat towards the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

However for now decided to hang them on their living room wall facing each other.

These eagles measured 20 x 20 inches and were designed in stained glass by Paned Expression Studios of Edgewood Maryland USA from an intarsia pattern designed by our clients.

One normally sees stained glass hanging windows, however our clients decided to hang them on their cedar lined living room walls which created a stunning effect.

The first photo is of the left facing eagle, followed by the right facing eagle and the last photo showing them both in our client’s living room.


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Springtime Garden Ideas

While we shiver through very cold weather here in Alberta, springtime is not that far away. What better way to brighten these cold dark snowy days with thoughts of having large or small Garden Butterflies accent your garden, or those of friends and relatives. Whether they be gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, weddings or to just tell someone they are loved, these are sure to brighten everybody’s lives.

In the – Contact Us -top right area of our website fill in the necessary request information and we will get right back to you with more details, pricing etc.

The first photo is of our large Garden Rod Butterflies and we have a huge selection of different glass to make these one of kind special gifts. We use Youghiogheny, Uroboros, Bullseye, Wissmach, Kokomo, Armstrong and Spectrum Art Glass with colors of your choice.


The following picture shows the smaller Garden Butterflies, the length of the rods can be made to suit one’s use, whether for outdoors in flower beds or indoors in flowering pots.

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