'Hope' the whale replaces 'Dippy' as London Natural History Museum's skeleton star

“Hope” the blue whale took over as the centrepiece of the revamped atrium of London’s Natural History Museum on Thursday despite a spirited campaign to keep its much-loved predecessor, “Dippy” the dinosaur. The towering replica diplodocus skeleton had been in the museum for more than 100 years and news of its impending demise in 2015 sparked an outcry from dinosaur fans. Some 14,000 people signed a petition to stop the move, while the hashtag #savedippy trended on Twitter. But the museum said the skeleton of the blue whale, the largest animal to have lived on Earth and which has been hunted to near extinction, would better raise awareness of mankind’s impact on nature. The 25.2-metre (83-foot) real skeleton suspended from the ceiling is proof that “by using science and evidence, we can make good choices about the future, about sustainability,” museum director Michael Dixon told AFP.

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