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Draw More Income 2017 EP13: Brandy Saturley PD Talk

It’s that time again for the Draw More Income podcast! Today, we release the recording of our recent professional development talk with the Canadian painter, Brandy Saturley. Brandy shares her…

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Noted ceramist, Robin Hopper has died at 77

From Facebook ‘final post’: “Many of you will have already heard this from one source or another, but we are very sad to share the news that Dad – Robin Hopper – passed away early Thursday morning after a lengthy battle with liver cancer.”


Egyptian archaeological team discovers mummies in ancient tomb near Egypt's Luxor

Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed several mummies, colourful wooden sarcophagi and more than 1,000 funerary statues in a 3,500-year-old tomb near the city of Luxor, hailing an “important discovery”. The 18th Dynasty tomb containing at least eight mummies was discovered in the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis near the famed Valley of the Kings, the antiquities ministry said in a Tuesday statement. It belonged to a nobleman named Userhat who worked as the city judge. It was opened to add more mummies during the 21st Dynasty, about 3,000 years ago, to protect them during a period when tomb-robbing was common, Mostafa Waziri, the head of the archaeological mission, said at the site. “It was a surprise how much was being displayed inside,” Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Enany told reporters outside the tomb.


Exhibition delves into the manner that melancholy is represented in Mexican art

The Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL, National Art Museum of Mexico) presents ‘Melancholy’, an exhibition that delves into the manner that melancholy, commonly characterized by reflecting the darkest human sides of passion and affection, is represented in Mexican art through a selection of 137 works of art including paintings, etchings, sculptures and writings. The exhibits can be visited through April 9th of July, 2017, in the rooms on the first floor of the site. Under the curatorship of Abraham Villavicencio Garcia, and comprised of the work of nearly 80 Mexican artists, this exposition reflects the way that human feelings are explained, interpreted and represented – revealing melancholy as a possible source for inspiration and artistic creativity. In Villavicencio’s words, “This exhibition seeks to exalt the emotional charges evoked in the works of important novohispano, modern, and contemporary artists t


Builders find lost archbishops of Canterbury in London's St Mary's-at-Lambeth crypt

The remains of five archbishops of Canterbury have been accidentally discovered by builders in a hidden tomb beneath a London church, site developers said Sunday. Some 20 lead coffins were discovered in a crypt underneath St Mary’s-at-Lambeth, which sits outside Lambeth Palace, the central London residence of the archbishop of Canterbury — the highest cleric in England. Two have been identified from name plates, while records show that five were buried in the crypt. Of the two identified archbishops, one is Richard Bancroft, who was in office from 1604 to 1610 and who oversaw the production of the King James Bible, considered a definitive work of the English language. Several hundred coffins were cleared out of the church for extensive renovation works in 1850s, during which the vaults were filled in with earth. But builders accidentally discovered one crypt had been left untouched.


Creating texture and pattern with stitch

Think of a piece of textile art you admire. Really see it in your mind’s eye. Picture the intricacy of the textures. The complexity of the patterns. 

Do you feel daunted? Unable to fathom how to start building such beautiful textural effects? Such mesmerising areas of pattern?

Take a deep breath and dig a little deeper. Reverse engineer the artist’s process. Unpick the stitches used to create those layers of detail.

You might be surprised by what you find.

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Canada Geese Circle 2007

We were looking through our 1,000’s of older photos and came across this pair of Canada Geese in a circle pattern. Unfortunately this is the only photograph of the piece that we have. If memory serves us correctly the diameter of the piece was approximately 10 – 12 inches. With the return of spring, lots of Canada Geese make Alberta their home to raise their families in our lakes and sloughs.

Designer Unknown

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Argentinian artist Adrian Villar Rojas transforms New York's Met rooftop into banquet

An Argentinian sculptor has transformed the roof garden at New York’s famed Metropolitan Museum of Art into a fantasy banquet scene overlooking the glittering Manhattan skyline for the summer season. The installation, which opened Friday, is centered around nine white tables set for dinner with sculptures replicating objects from the museum’s vast collections, including ancient Egypt, African and medieval art. Added to the mix are white human figures — real-life models scanned, enlarged or reduced, then formatted by 3-D printer — the same technique used to produce replicas from the museum’s collection. Created by Adrian Villar Rojas and called “The Theater of Disappearance,” the installation fuses different eras, civilizations, the animate and inanimate to reflect on what the purpose of a museum means today and what an artifact means


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